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<transcy>The Susi whale</transcy>

<transcy>The Susi whale</transcy>

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The Susi whale is the perfect cuddly toy from birth because of the materials it is made of, waffle fabric, a soft and delicate infant fabric. Susi's limbs and textures give her a sensorial character that is perfect for the development of the little ones from an early age.

Measures: 44x38cm

Remember that each Calambata product, including the Susi whale, is handmade, so you may find some variation from the reference image, each product is unique.The Susi whale is perfect from the birth of the baby as it is made with wafel fabric, a soft and delicate children's fabric.

Measures: 44x38cm


Algodón 100% CERTIFICADO OEKO- TEX 100


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