<transcy>ABOUT CALAMBATA</transcy>

This project was born from a love of crafting. We offer personally designed and handmade products, paying attention to the finest
details. As everything is handmade, each
piece is unique.
Not only do we offer products for mothers and children, who get to physically enjoy our products
– but we also bear in mind those children that do not have access to basic human rights.
Food, water, education, housing, the list goes on – unfortunately these are things that are not granted to everyone. This is why with every purchase made – we will donate 10% of the profit to a just cause.

We want to do our bit for society and for children in need. Therefore we are open to hearing from you
– if you have an idea for a project or a collaboration, let us know!

We are also fully committed to the environment and
our planet, so we take care in carefully choosing minimum impact materials. We don’t use any plastic in our packaging and shipping.

Hope is what we try to transmit, and as a customer of Calambata you support this process. We are committed to a model of responsible consumption, every purchase has a purpose : to
help the most vulnerable children. Thanking you for your continued support. We hope these
products spark as much joy for you as it does for us in producing them.